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Penthouse at The Mark Will Change the World

Is The Mark Hotel shaping up to be our Tailor? It's still a month away from hitting the market, but the penthouse at the luxury hotel turned luxury condo-hotel on Madison Avenue and 77th Street already carries a mountain of buzz and hype. New York's fall real estate preview dubbed the penthouse "the next megasale," saying, "real-estate watchers are saying that its 9,799-square-foot, five-bedroom penthouse will have trophy hunters fighting to pay its rumored $60 million price." Yowza. This for a building that, when compared to the neighboring Carlyle Hotel, the New York Condo Blog wrote, "Many of the best views in the front of the hotel look out on the Carlyle, and, I suppose, a view of the Carlyle is one advantage the Mark has over the Carlyle."

But as lavish as it may be, will The Mark's penthouse hang around forever like the one at the Pierre? Not a chance, says Louise Sunshine, who is developing The Mark in her new role at Alexico Group (Corcoran Sunshine will sell the project). She tells the Observer's Chris Shott, "the penthouse will probably be the hottest property on the globe. It’s expected to fetch at least $6,000 a square foot." That's right: the hottest property ... in the world! It's a fairly bold claim for a building that's always been respected but has never been treasured as an architectural jewel. Still, you can already feel the financiers jostling for position. Hot.
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[The Mark Hotel photo via PropertyShark]

The Mark Hotel

25 E 77th St, New York, NY 11101