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WTC Final Designs: Tower 3 Will Step All Over You

Today, developer Larry Silverstein released the final designs for Towers 2, 3, and 4 and the World Trade Center site. Curbed hereby presents a tour of these never-before-seen architectural renderings. Right now: Rogers Partnerships' Tower 3.

[All renderings courtesy RSHP, Team Macarie, Silverstein Properties]

Pritzker Prize-winning architect Sir Richard Rogers is the man, the myth behind Tower 3, also known as 175 Greenwich Street. The 71-story building, notable for its four alien-like antennae, will be heavy on retail at the base, with 193,000-square-feet of salesmanship in all. The stepped-up profile also helps make way for five trading floors, where capitalism will reign. Oh yes, it shall reign. Above, you see the lobby's 90' x 35' "media wall," featuring an animated display that will overlook the WTC memorial. U-S-A! U-S-A!

A day vs. night side-by-side. There's something a little menacing about this tower, like it could make a cameo in Transformers 2.

The transit lobby, which?we must say?features some lovely fake art.

The Church Street view at ground level. We smell bargains.

The office lobby, complete with projection wall. Very sleek.

Another view of the office lobby, in the warm glow of dusk.
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