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WTC Final Designs: Tower 2's 'Glazed Crystalline Form'

Today, developer Larry Silverstein released the final designs for Towers 2, 3, and 4 and the World Trade Center site. Curbed hereby presents a tour of these never-before-seen architectural renderings. First up, architect Norman Foster's Tower 2.

[all renderings courtesy Foster and Partners]

Pause and soak up this view west down Fulton Street towards Tower 2, aka 200 Greenwich Street, the Norman Foster-designed skyscraper that's located at the northeast corner of the World Trade Center site. At left, the winged bird casting its wings above the streets is architect Santiago Calatrava's transit center, which we learned today would not have its wings chopped after all. (Good thing, consider these brand new renderings were obviously ready to go.) The office tower is still set to rise 79 stories, which puts it in shouting distance of the Freedom Tower's top—and will be, we should remind you, taller than the Empire State Building. The tower is described by the architect as a "glazed crystalline form and diamond-shaped summit."

The exterior, as seen from Greenwich Street. The lobby is 65 feet high. And colorful!

The lobby interior. Everyone looks so awesomely busy.

Floorplan schematic of the lobby. Or an office. Hard to tell, really.

Renderings of Tower 2's exterior. Crystalline, indeed.

And finally, the money shot of the four-diamond top. Yahtzee.

From today's press release:

Foster and Partners has designed a 79-story tower at 200 Greenwich. The tower, which will rise to 1,270 feet and topped by an 80-foot antenna, is bounded by Greenwich Street to the west, Church Street to the east, Vesey Street to the north and Fulton Street to the south. It will contain 138,000 square feet of retail (130,000 square feet at or above street level), 60 office floors, including a sky-lobby, that will total 2.3 million square feet, four trading floors and a 65-foot high office lobby. According to Foster and Partners, 200 Greenwich Street's sparkling glazed crystalline form and diamond shaped summit create a bold addition to the New York skyline. Arranged around a central cruciform core, the tower comprises four blocks containing light-filled, flexible, column free office floors that rise to the 59th floor, whereupon the glass façades are sheared off at an angle to defer to and address the Memorial Park. Giving the building its distinctive inclined summit as the second tower in the World Trade Center Master Plan, 200 Greenwich Street also acts as a symbolic marker of the location of the Memorial Park when viewed from any location. The upper floors contained within the summit provide the opportunity for sweeping views of the park, the river and the city.

A continuation of Foster and Partners' investigation into the nature of the high-rise tower, 200 Greenwich Street takes structural, functional, security, environmental and urban logic to a new dimension. It accommodates the primary vertical circulation, with high-speed shuttle elevators rising to an intermediate sky lobby where the upper floors are served by two further banks of elevators. It also allows for cross-corridor circulation by providing excellent orientation at every level, and opening views out across the office spaces.

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