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WTC Final Designs: Tower 4's 'Abstract Sculptural Presence'

Today, developer Larry Silverstein released the final designs for Towers 2, 3, and 4 and the World Trade Center site. Curbed hereby presents a tour of these never-before-seen architectural renderings. The final offering is architect Fumihiko Maki's Tower 4.

[All images courtesy of Silverstein Properties]

This is the view of Tower 4, also known as 150 Greenwich Street, as it would appear from street level on Church Street. Designed by Maki and Associates, it is the most nondescript of the bunch. The 64-story tower is bounded by Greenwich Street on the west, Church on the east, Cortland on the north and Liberty Street on the south. It will be 56 stories with five floors of retail. Up to 600,000 of the 1.8 million square feet will be occupied by the City of New York. The tower is described as "minimalist" and intending to achieve "an abstract sculptural presence, quiet with dignity" on a the site, which fronts the WTC Memorial. We think it's a little, shall we say, boring.

This is a full vertical image of Tower 4.

According to Maki and Associates, the fundamental approach to 150 Greenwich Street is two-fold: a "minimalist" tower that achieves an abstract sculptural presence, quiet with dignity, on a site directly fronting the Memorial and a "podium" that becomes a catalyst in activating and enlivening the immediate urban environment at pedestrian street level as part of the redevelopment efforts of Downtown New York.

Seen from a distance, "the tower presents a unique angular profile that is chiseled at the crown acknowledging the spiral composition formed by the group of four towers, in keeping with the World Trade Center Master Plan." The tower has floor to ceiling windows of composite glass "intended to achieve a mat metallic quality with a luminous sheen. It embraces an abstract quality with a unique materiality - minimal, light, cool in color and ephemeral, changing with the light of day."

Here's Tower 4 as seen from Liberty Park.

Elevations of Tower 4.

This is Tower 4 as it would appear from the Memorial Park.