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PriceSpotter Big Reveal: For All in Tents and Purposes

Yesterday we gave you the stylish details on this Park Avenue one-bedroom that was as close to Bryant Park as we could dare to tread. Today, we fill in the blanks.

Location: 77 Park Avenue
Asking: $1,100,000
You can read all about 77 Park Avenue's history right here, but as for the guessing game at hand, the 11th guess was dead-on. JFW takes the gold, and he/she even added some commentary: "Toilet off the dining room is yucky." So many of you were close, with some great analysis, but the only other $1.1m guess belonged to dash3456. A pat on the back for you. For all those who were curious, maintenance and taxes are $884 and $483 per month, respectively.
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