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Puny Venetian Blinds Not Quite Cutting it at One Ten 3rd

Coming at you like a blue torpedo from hell, another One Ten 3rd update! One comment on the Upper East Village tower from yesterday read, "I was walking across the street from 110 and saw a guy on the third floor in his bedroom with only his boxers on doing pushups. wish it wasnt a man... but i agree - these floor to ceiling windows are so lame. especially on low floors." How very interesting, because today we swung by, and we saw a man buttoning up his flannel shirt (which you can vaguely see above). Does the first Condo Association meeting need to include a window coverings workshop? All signs point to yes. Also of note, we hear that occupied units have some variation of a "do not enter" sign on their front doors, so that the workers still assembling the building don't barge in. There's a CurbedWire just sitting here waiting for photographic proof.
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