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Checking In: Towers of the 20's Taking Shape

A gracious Curbed phototipster sent along some updates on the new condo buildings in the 20's that are challenging our notions of physics and gravity, and things are certainly looking up. Above, you see the Sky House, perhaps best known for striking a deal with the Lord. Hence the Babel-like ambition? The East 29th Street building, just off Fifth Avenue, has more bricks than the Great Pyramid. Seriously. We counted.

West 24th Street's Chelsea Stratus is terrifying, and it's not just the shilling. Imagine waking up inside Chelsea's tallest building, bed propped up against all that glass, and the first image you process is the entire expanse of Manhattan. If it were us, we'd feel like we were plunging to our deaths. But hey, if that's what you're into.

And finally, some happenings at the weirdo Remy, where our tipster reports: "The site for the Remy condo is undergoing work for the first time since they finished the foundation and put up a billboard two years ago. Jackhammer guys are ripping up the side walk behind the plywood. The site is the west side of Sixth Ave between 28th and 29th."
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