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CurbedWire: 110 Livingston Cabanas, Rhapsodic Sales, Magic's Greenpoint Building, Condo McNuggets

[Photo courtesy of xymox/flickr]

DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN?What would a Friday afternoon be without a rant about the cabanas at 110 Livingston? Here you go: "The cabanas look like pig pens. They are really small and there is a tin roof over them so you can’t see anything. Anyone who pays extra for that crap is a shmuck, but we all already knew that. Also the place reeks of paint, the air conditioners don’t work, the patios aren’t finished blah blah blah condos suck." [CurbedWire Inbox]

HARLEM?Into our Inbox comes news that the glass at the Rhapsody on Fifth Avenue in Harlem is now either half-full or half-empty, depending on how you choose to view it. The sender of the email prefers the former, saying the 22-unit building "has reached the impressive milestone of 50% sold." [CurbedWire Inbox]

GREENPOINT?All has been so quiet with Magic Johnson's condo at 110 Green Street for so long that we wondered if anything was still going on there. It is. An email earlier today, however, reassured us, noting that "The pile driver is back." It was followed several hours later by an email saying "If you lived here, you'd have a migraine by now." Safe to assume, then, that construction is moving along nicely. [CurbedWire Inbox]

ALL BOROUGHS?Finally, a reader's observation about the recent "McMansion Tax" proposal led to a week-ending rant about McCondos: "Only the outer boroughs are being blighted by McMansions, but all boroughs seem to have McCondos (or Condo McNuggets). Where do truly porn-o-licious (new) condos (like 25 Bond and 15 CPW) end and their cookie cutter mega sized equivalents begin? Maybe for Manhattan--and to some degree Brooklyn--it's in the amenities and finishes?" [CurbedWire Inbox]