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"Bought an apartment from him [Robert A.M. Stern] years ago, it was his mother's place that he was selling for her. His mother seemed like she was probably a really cool lady, the whole place was done up in 1960s style, with Warhol, Lichtenstein and Albers prints all over the walls. Unfortunately I'm guessing he didn't have a very good relationship with Mama Stern cause the place was totally unrenovated, and the neighbors had no idea that she had a super famous architect son. Oh, and he was a total ass at the closing, sat there with the NYTimes open in front of his face the whole time, annoyed by my presence and at having to deal with such lowly things like studio apartments. Plus he haggled like a maniac over 1k. Like anyone who didn't need the money should ever let a deal fall through over 1k on a studio apt. in 1995. Sheesh! BTW, in case Mr. Stern is reading this (he reads curbed, right?)--thanks guy! I made almost half a mil on that place!!!" [A.M. Linkage]