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CurbedWire: Flatbush Liftoff, Calvin Fine, Chelsea Infestation

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DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN?The "Flatbush Flatiron" building, architect Ismael Leyva's attempt to attract other alien spacecraft to Brooklyn (right), is off and running. Writes a tipster: "It appears to be starting construction. The plywood that surrounds the empty lot now has a whole bunch of construction-related information (site plans, permits, etc.) attached to it and laminated in plastic, there are a couple of backhoes in the lot and piles of dirt that indicate that they've been doing some digging, and I saw a big truck pulling out of the lot this morning." Carrying kryptonite, no doubt. [CurbedWire Inbox]

WEST VILLAGE?Calvin Klein, who lives a few floors above that $40M Richard Meier triplex in the Perry Street building's penthouse, may be skipping out on his bills. A tipster reports, "Calvin Klein has a lien on his penthouse @ Meier's 176 Perry." Is it true? Well, maybe he's still pissed about the leaks. [CurbedWire Inbox]

CHELSEA?Midwesterners don't quite understand that much of Manhattan's housing stock is infested with wildlife and incredible shitty. Hence: "I just finished a semester as a student intern at GLCA's New York Arts Program. The program is run by Ohio Wesleyan University and they charge us big money to come here and do a 15 week internship. I liked the program and all, but SOMEONE has to tell what's going on there. We all (and there's about 50 of us) live at 305 West 29th Street in Chelsea. The house is cramped, very dirty, full of mice and rats, and spiders. The girl across the hall from me woke up with a bite from a recluse spider on her face and her eye was shut closed."

There is mice feces all over the houses stoves and nobody will bother to cook there anymore. Sitting on the couch in the basement lounge to watch TV is a like being at a horror flick. Mice scurry over you and jump from the couch to the floor. When you fall asleep at night you can hear the mice surrying as soon as you turn off the lights. They make holes in your sweaters and cereal boxes. I know some people have bedbugs because lots of other kids wake up to bites all over them.

The program does hire a cleaning lady, but she only comes in once a week for 50 kids??!!! Besides, the rats, mice, spiders, roaches, and bedbugs, there's mold and mildew on everything. The filth would amaze you. I'm back at my home campus now, but if I was still in NY, I'd send you pictures.

I'm from the Midwest and I'm not from NYC, so I don't know who the reporting agency should be. But if NYC housing departments ever investigated this place, they would surely close it down for repairs and rodent elimination.

176 Perry Street

176 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014