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Putting the Pier Back in Northside Piers

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[Photo courtesy of INSIJS]

It's been hard to tell what's going on behind Northside Piers on Kent Avenue, but local blogger INSIJS got a good camera angle and pic of the big pier being built back there. "Out of sight of residents, development bloggers, and construction sightseers, a long concrete pier is quickly taking shape," INSIJS writes.The irony of it being intended for New York Water Taxi, which recently suspended East River service for the winter and asked for subsidies. He doesn't give up hope, though: "Toll Brothers should actively woo NY Water Taxi to its new pier at Northside Piers." He thinks it'll work better for the Toll Brothers than it did for Schaefer Landing which, by the way, still features a video of a happy, cruising Water Taxi as the intro to its website. Uh, not right now.
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Northside Piers

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