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'A Building' Developer: Toll Brothers Who?

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Developer Rob Kaliner is quickly making a name for himself in the kooky world of Manhattan luxury condominiums. His Ascend Group is one of the firms behind the East Village's A Building (right), and his second project is the Upper East Side instant legend Georgica. Recently, a press release hit the inbox explaining Kaliner's life story, which involves a stint as a garment manufacturer of some sort. That's all fine and dandy, but what's interesting are his comments on the finally-closing A Building, which the release says is "99 percent sold out:"

“I would only build a building that I would want my family members to live in,” Kaliner said, adding that his two sons have a place in the “A Building.” “There was no luxury product on the market at the time in the East Village. The site was occupied by a bunch of small commercial tenants, a film studio and a grocery store that was shut down prior to the development.”You hear that, One Ten 3rd? Even your peers have ostracized you! Get some interior design help and clean up that front door already!
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The Georgica

305 East 85th Street, New York, New York 10028