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'Conditional' Shots Fired in Battle of 125th Street

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It looks like the proposed rezoning of 125th Street and surroundings to allow taller buildings and a lot more housing has taken another small hit. Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer is recommending "conditional disapproval" until it's "modified to provide affordable housing opportunities for current Harlem residents, target assistance to local small businesses at risk for displacement, and create a preference for local non-profit arts groups." Local community boards have also called for big changes (two voted in favor pending changes and one voted again unless changes are made). The city proposal would allow up to 2,300 apartments, 600,000 square feet of retail and buildings up to 29 stories tall. The latest "conditional" thumbs down also calls for reducing building height, adding more affordable housing and putting aside more space for local arts groups. The email we got forwarding details also says: "Now get ready for City Plannings Public Hearing schedule for January 30, 2008 at City College. We must be prepared to testify and save Harlem." Sounds like another boring meeting.
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