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Does This $1M Hamptons Rental Kind of Suck?

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Sure, this Sagaponack estate is on the market for just under $20 million, but ugh, who wants to deal with the hassles of Hamptons homeownership? It's officially open season on summer rentals, and Braden Keil has the early word that the market this year is absolutely bonkers, starting with the $1 million seasonal rate of that four-acre compound. But Howard Stern forked over a million bucks for his summer home last year, so what's the big fuss? Well, as Keil puts it, this place is "unremarkable" in a no-water-frontage, no-water-view kind of way. And according to one anonymous broker, "It's basically a three-year-old McMansion on a farm field." Meow! Let's have a look around the ol' barn, shall we?

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