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East Harlem Versus City Over Randall's Island Plan

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The Randall's Island waterpark may sleep with the fishes, but that doesn't mean it's become a quiet place. Harlem groups are going to court today to take issue with the city's other plans for the island. In this case, the issue is the city's deal that let 20 private schools put more than $50 million toward new sports Randall's Island sports facilities that they would be able to use exclusively from 3-6 PM om school days. East Harlem groups say the city is turning over needed lands to the private schools. In the words of their lawyer: "The people of East Harlem used this land for picnicking and barbecues, and now that land is being turned into athletic fields." For the legally-inclined, the issue is whether the city did an end run around the local community board and the City Council by not getting approval before the deal signed. Now, about that water park...
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