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Mad on Madison: Opposition Mounts to Condo Plan

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[Rendering: 3D Media Group, Arup]

The 14-story condo building proposed for 746 Madison Avenue, revealed by the Times over the weekend, is on its face a very simple and pleasant plan. The architectural detail of the existing two-story retail building on the site would be preserved, the apartment building itself would fit in contextually, and the main entrance would be off Madison Avenue, through a commercial townhouse on 65th Street that the developer also owns. But this is New York, where any new building is bound to piss of someone, and CityRoom has found that someone.

In a letter distributed to neighbors by a couple that lives on 65th Street, residents are urged to turn up at upcoming CB8 and Landmarks Preservation Commission hearings to oppose the project, which would create a "nightmare of noise, dirt and double-parked construction vehicles." In response, architect Page Ayres Cowley told CityRoom, "We are not trying to be the signature building, the new landmark. We want to fit in. We want to be the comfortable neighbor." Yeesh, what a jerk!
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