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Condo Boards: Just as Demanding as Co-Op Boards?

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The finicky nature of co-op boards is well documented?even Madonna has to put up with their bullshit?but are condos becoming just as difficult to buy? Max Gross tackles the issue in today's Post, and it appears that, yes, many condo boards are starting to become mirror images of their demanding older brothers. Or are they? People can still buy new-construction condos from developers for IOUs written on the back of napkins, sure, but the problem here is supposedly with older buildings containing established boards. Kvetches one Morningside Heights buyer:

"They wanted me to provide two years of tax returns, they wanted to look at my bank accounts, they wanted to know how long the bank accounts had been around for, where I was going to get the money to pay for the condo. They wanted notarizations and signatures from my CPA and my bank. They wanted notarized signatures from my wife and myself. They looked at my stocks, my bonds, what's in trust, what's not in trust. All my assets, all of my liabilities."Annoying, yes, but is that really so different from signing your soul away to a rental building like The Ludlow? At least they left out the prostate exam.
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