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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Ask Curbed: Where Can Artists Do Artsy Things? (50 Comments)
"NY as the center of 'art' is a thing of the past (like 1989.) The soul of the city has been devoured by douchebag bankers, real estate vultures, over-aged hipsters and movie star wannabees who couldn't give a rats ass about supporting the creative arts or artists. They are, however, always interested in art as a commodity and if you're lucky enough to sell you would be wise to live anywhere but NY to live and work."
2) Washington Heights like 'the Upper West Side in the 80s' (40 Commments)
"Starbucks or not, call Washington Heights "WaHi" and you're still in for an ass-kicking."
3) Neu-York: Take the Potsdamer Brücke to, uh, Grimaldi's (33 Comments)
"where's the 2nd Avenue Deli on this thing?"
4) 20 Bayard's Curvy Front Steps Ready to Rock (33 Comments)
"makes for a great backdrop for a law and order episode with Jack coming down the stairs and his new, old boss Fred Thompson strolling alongside whimsically commenting on the current state of the criminal mindset...."