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Brooklyn Bridge Park Ready for...Park & Groceries

With work on the always interesting Brooklyn Bridge Park said to be starting soon, it's worth having a look at the desolation between the BQE and the water where, someday, people will frolick and, perhaps, stop in for some arugula. The Brooklyn blogger who produces 1000 Bars took a break from exercising his liver to engage in some urban planning with a photo tour of the compellingly vacant waterfront. Meanwhile, the Brooklyn Paper reports that the developer of One Brooklyn Bridge Park, having been spurned by Trader Joe's, is still trying to lure a food retailer and says the revenue will help pay for the park, which looks like it's going to need the cash. Neighborhood reaction might be characterized as "pffffffft." Or in more traditional terms, per the head of the Brooklyn Heights Association: "I don’t think it’s the most complimentary business for the park." Yes, it's going to be an excellent few years down there.
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Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201