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Burg Gets Meat in Fischer-Kaufman Sandwich

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For those wondering what would end up between the Karl Fischer smoked glass and dark red brick structure on the right and a Gene Kaufman building further up the block toward Bedford on the left, the meat in the sandwich will be...the six dozenth (give or take) Karl Fischer building in Williamsburg. There are no renderings of the new Fischer (which is 155 N. 4 Street) going next to the other Fischer, but we have faith the Kaufman-Fischer-Fischer Triple Decker will work out to be an aesthetic fit. The Gene Kaufman will have will have 30 condos. The Fischer on the corner which is nearing completion will also have 30 units. The new Fischer in the middle will be five stories with 18 apartments. Demolish a couple more old buildings and it could be Kaufman-Fischer Row.

This is the Gene Kaufman building, officially known as 150 N. 5th Street.

This is the Karl Fischer at the corner of N. 4 and Driggs.
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