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Water Taxi Lives On in Williamsburg's Hopes & Dreams

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News that the East River Water Taxi service has been shut down for the winter due to rising costs, declining ridership and a desire for city subsidies registered with little more than whimper in the canyons of Manhattan. But developers of the Williamsburg waterfront have been banking on the Water Taxi as a marketing tool due to the dicey/horrid status of the local subways, so the situation has led to some unintentional comedy. Like, for example, Northside Piers currently constructing its brand new Water Taxi docking station. Or, best of all, the website for Schaefer Landing, where the entire introductory video is a Water Taxi trip departing Manhattan and approaching the rendered (despite the buildings having been completed forever ago) condo towers. Maybe it should be replaced with camera-phone footage of a J/M/Z ride until the spring?
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Northside Piers

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