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St. Vincent's West Village Fight Heating Up Again

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Things have been relative quiet on the mega-expansion plan proposed by St. Vincent's Hospital in the West Village, but the calm is about to be shattered. Today's Villager reports the hospital has filed plans with the Landmarks Preservation Commission, which as to approve demolitions and okay new structures because the huge project is within the Greenwich Village Historic District. The site also has to be rezoned, which requires approval by the City Planning Commission, an environmental impact study and a City Council vote. Meanwhile, opponents are rallying the troops. An email from the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, which is devoting a lot of bandwidth to material about the project, urges people to turn out at a public hearing on the project on January 22, reminding everyone that "This is the largest proposed development in Greenwich Village in more than 50 years." The project includes a new 329-foot hospital on Seventh Avenue and a 21-story condo.
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