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Hudson Square Getting in the Rezone?

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Developers looking to convert the 12-story office building at 627 Greenwich Street (shrouded PropShark photo at right) to condos have encountered a small issue: the area is a manufacturing zone. No problem! Just get it rezoned to allow residential development, right? That's precisely what they're trying to do, reports the Downtown Express, but the north end of Hudson Square/southern edge of the West Village was already left out of a residential rezone once in 2003, and neighborhood advocates want to preserve some industry in the area. Well, unless the clowns come. Then everyone won't be able to get out of there soon enough. A group calling itself the Greenwich Village Task Force is leading the charge against the north-end rezoning, arguing that residential development will raise property values too high to keep anyone in the area in business. Which means expect the 'hood to be draped in Chase and Starbucks by this time next year.
· Hudson Square’s north end is eyed again for a rezoning [Downtown Express]