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Weekend Open House Tour: Wandering the Wah-high

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WaHI fever lives on, at least through the weekend. Come and get a taste of the Upper Lower Weast Side of the '80s and '90s!

Location: 875 West 181st Street near Cabrini Boulevard
Size: 2BR (convertible), 1BA co-op
Price: $415,000 ($605 maint.)
Pitch: "Very special, very big, delightful, private garden - fun for children and adults!"
Open House: Sunday, 11:30-1pm

Location: 340 Cabrini Boulevard btwn 187th/190th
Size: 2BR, 2BA condo (1,005sf)
Price: $699,999 ($529 maint.)
Pitch: "This is a pet friendly building, 3 units per floor, has a bike room and allows 90% financing. No fussy condo packages to fill out either!"
Open House: Sunday, 2-3:30pm

Location: 159-00 Riverside Drive West btwn 158th/160th
Size: 2BR, 1BA co-op (1,100sf)
Price: $749,000 ($855 maint.)
Pitch: "Bathed in sunlight and blue skies, you will never want to leave this slice of paradise on the Island Manhattan!"
Open House: 1:30-3pm

Location: 125 Cabrini Boulevard btwn 181st/184th
Size: 3BR, 2BA co-op (1,650sf)
Price: $950,000 ($981 maint.)
Pitch: "Expansive rooms with 9' ceilings, three exposures and a versatile layout combine to make this space feel more like a house than an apartment."
Open House: Sunday, 3:30-5pm