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CurbedWire: Friendly Workers in LIC, Karl Fischer Row Burglaries, Does $1M Buy a 'Mansion'?

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LONG ISLAND CITY?One senses a shill in the email that came with the great photo above, yet the view, which includes the Queensbridge Houses, compels us: "I was walking by the Crescent Club in Long Island City the other day, looks like they are moving along pretty fast. I asked the workers to take me up the hoist to see the view, they wouldn't let me up, but one nice worker offered my camera the ride to take some shots for me. He took this one from the 14th floor." Okay. [CurbedWire Inbox]

WILLIAMSBURG?There was a recent burglary boom on Karl Fischer Row. A tipster who talked with a locksmith reports at least a half-dozen break ins sometime in the last several weeks. There are two occupied buildings on The Row, but no word on whether the burglarized apartments are were at the Aurora or the Lotus or both. [CurbedWire Inbox]

EVERYWHERE?A reader offers up an interesting observation about New Yorkers and the "mansion tax" on properties of $1 million or more. He write: "Does anyone in Albany know or care how little $1 million buys in Manhattan these days? There are one-bedroom condo apts selling for $1 million or more. While they were certainly nice, no one in their right mind would consider a 900SF apartment to be a "mansion." Isn't it time that the dollar limit was increased, to say $2 million to keep up with inflation?" [CurbedWire Inbox]