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Photos from Today's Trump Soho Collapse

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The evolving story of this afternoon's crane/scaffolding collapse and construction worker death on the Trump Soho building at Spring and Varick Streets in West Soho is being updated here. But since moments after the collapse, we've been getting a steady stream of photographs from readers on the scene—and several Curbed correspondents as well. After the jump, a complete photo gallery from the scene and environs.


View as seen by a Curbed reader from a building near Sixth Avenue and Spring Street, about 20 minutes after the accident.

Perspective view from the northeast, looking southwest.

Dust and concrete debris on the east side of the building soon after the accident.

Distance view of the injured worker being removed from the bucket after he was lowered from above, circa 2:45pm. Close-up view of this scene in the breaking news thread.


Above and below, an amazing perspective from a reader on a roof across the street from the accident scene.

View looking west down Spring Street, circa 2:10pm.

On Varick Street looking east down Spring, circa 2:15pm. More cop cars arrive on the scene, and more of the area is further cordoned off.


Firetrucks mass nearby, circa 2:10pm.

Looking north up Varick Street moments after it was closed to traffic, circa 2:15pm. The damaged corner is opposite this angle and therefore not visible.

Emergency equipment arrives on Sixth Avenue soon after 2pm.

About 45 minutes later, the same block has filled up.

Above and below, the scene on Sixth Avenue and Spring Street, circa 2:30pm.

Looking west down Spring Street, past Varick Street and beyond.

We reported on this back in December, but several readers have sent us images of this sidewalk graffiti across the street from Trump Soho on Varick Street. Here's the perspective view.

The link below leads to Curbed's constantly updated coverage of accident news. More photos and reports welcomed to
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