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City Giving Bronx Land Near Stadium to Developers?

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This morning's Post has details on what it calls "a sneaky city land 'giveaway'" that will give some former Parks Department property to developers and could "further infuriate activists in the park-starved South Bronx neighborhood near Yankee Stadium." The land was supposed to be a parking garage but was set aside for "neighborhood-oriented mixed use, retail or parking." The developer that gets the rights doesn't need any approvals from City Planning or the Bronx Borough Board to build. The land is south of Yankee Stadium and adjacent to the Gateway Center at the Bronx Terminal Market shopping mall pictured in the rendering here. NYC Park Advocates call it "a giveaway." We're thinking there's some sentiment to turn the Parks Department land into a park.
· Activists Balk as Developers Move In on Stadium [NYP]