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Latest Insane Public Art Project: East River Waterfalls!

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We didn't think public art installations could get more wacky than Long Island City's Floating Tree (a/k/a/ the Bird Condo) or the spooky tents of Roosevelt Island, but like a frazzled Damien Hurst wondering what liquid to dunk an animal in next, the envelope has just been pushed. This summer, artist Olafur Eliasson?who did that cool fake sun thing at the Tate Modern in London a few years back?will install a series of waterfalls in the East River near the South Street Seaport. The waterfalls will rise 60-70 feet in the air, and will draw even more tourists to an area already filled to the brim with our out-of-town friends. Hopefully the project will be as awesome as the Sun's photo illustration (left) and caption, which reads: "Images of a planned waterfalls art installation have not yet been released; above, a waterfall and a view of the East River." As far as a real estate spin, in true Gates fashion, look for "waterfall views!" to pop up in Brooklyn Heights and Seaport-area listings by the time these words hit the Internet.
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