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Do NYC's Developer-Community Deals Totally Suck?

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Community Benefits Agreements, those big documents that are "negotiated" between developers of mega-projects and the "community" around them come with every big development these days. Atlantic Yards had one. Yankee Stadium did too. The Columbia Expansion will have one. Basically, developers use them to trade things like promises of jobs and money for community groups for support from local organizations. So, what's wrong with them? People that follow CBAs as they're called say that New York City's, in a word, suck. In more academic terms, they say they're "a bad model" for the rest of the country, so bad that the entire practice around the country "could be threatened." Some, like Atlantic Yards' CBA, have included groups created specifically to sign the CBA. The Yankee Stadium one, meanwhile, hasn't delivered any of the money promised or other goodies promised yet. The Columbia situation has been contentious, with only a memorandum of understanding so far. In the end, only three of 13 community groups ended up signing it. It calls on Columbia to spend $150 million, with specifics to be decided later.
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