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It Happened One Weekend: Market Predictions, Townhouse Records, Troubles With Trump, More

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1) This weekend, it was the Times' turn to pen the "Oops, the market in 2007 was supposed to bomb, but will 2008 finally be the end?" story: "There are already signs of a more sober market ahead: Wall Street workers may face leaner bonuses this year and in years to come, borrowers may have a harder time getting mortgages and foreign buyers may reconsider the potential returns of investing in New York." ["What's Next for New York?"/Christine Haughney]

2) Hedge-funder, economist and all around smart dude Jim Rogers purchased the townhouse at 352 Riverside Drive?way up at West 108th Street?for $107,000 in 1977. Thirty years and one move to Asia later, he sold it to an oil heiress for $15.75 million, an Upper West Side townhouse record. Check out the craziness above. [Big Deal/Josh Barbanel]

3) Trump Place at Riverside South?and specifically the building at 140 Riverside Boulevard?is hell. Already publicly spanked for deteriorating conditions, the building has now come under fire for terrorizing residents with a sporadic shrieking noise. Maybe it's just crying out for attention? [The City/Alex Mindlin]

4) Some signs point to the wave of condo conversions slowing, but a potential Democrat-controlled State Senate could lead building owners to rush to Conversionville in the face of more tenant-friendly legislation. Oh, and condos in The Apthorp will average a healthy $5.4 million. [Big Deal/Josh Barbanel]

5) Because of a rent dispute, East Williamsburg's popular monthly open-mic party?held in the apartment of a couple of hipsters?may be coming to an end. So, all it takes to crumble Williamsburg culture is a $150/month rent increase? Noted. [The City/Saki Knafo]

6) The upside in losing a landmarking battle to Columbia University? Uncovering the history of the long-vanished Manhattanville milk industry. Small victories, people, small victories. [Streetscapes/Christopher Gray]

7) How much does this couple hate noise? Well, after checking out old Curbed favorite Court Street Lofts, they decide on a top-floor apartment at something called BoCoCa Suites on?gasp!?Third Avenue. And after a year of delays, they still wanted to live there! That's how much they hate noise. [The Hunt/Joyce Cohen]