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CurbedWire: 'The Pose,' More High Line Development, Crescent Club's Shame

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LAND OF BLUE STEEL?An alert Curbed reader has this reaction to the Times' recent profile of Manhattanville property owner and Columbia thwarter Nicholas Sprayregen: "Could you guys please do a write up/photo montage of all the ridiculous real estate images of investors / developers / brokers / etc. posing like this. For some godforsaken reason, everyone thinks it’s a great idea that makes them look like they invented the concept of real estate. For starters, I have been reading the Real Deal for about two years and I have yet to see an issue where a picture like this can’t be found." At right, the photo of Sprayregen next to a photo taken from this month's Real Deal. Consider us now on the lookout for "the pose."

WEST CHELSEA?High Line happenings, per a shilly tipster: "I recently heard that the former DIA Building at 548-554 West 22nd Street is being re-created into art galleries and residential penthouses added by Joseph Pell Lombardi, Architect. With this exhibition building, the DIA Foundation created West Chelsea as an art neighborhood. The lower floors will continue to be used for exhibition spaces and art galleries, only the penthouses will be residential. It is significant that Lombardi will continue to use the existing portion of the building for art, thus continuing to strengthen the district as an art neighborhood. The building is being completely renovated and restored. The river view penthouses will have an entrance separate from the galleries." [CurbedWire Inbox]

LONG ISLAND CITY?A Queensbridge defender is upset that?despite the view?the Crescent Club doesn't take advantage of its QB proximity in marketing materials: "Crescent Club in their on-line brochure sure as heck does not show Queensbridge, although showing PS1 and other further away places. QB has a Jamaican American restaurant that brings in people from NY County. QB Park also draws people from other boros for its summer concerts." Noted. [CurbedWire Inbox]