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Revealed #3: It's Our Little Deuce Coop

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Our third SHOCKING REVEAL of the day is a bit of a cheat. We've seen renderings of the 15-story residential and commercial building planned for East 4th Street and the Bowery before, but the gang at GKV Architects have finally decided to make it official, so they dropped the above picture and a press release in our inbox. The building?which has an address of 2 Cooper Square?strongly adheres to the new-look Bowery style aesthetic put forth by the nearby Bowery Hotel, or as they put it:

The exterior of the building will reflect historic elements sympathetic with the adjacent Noho Historic District. It will boast a 6-story base that recalls the historic streetwall condition of the particular site. Floors 7 through 15 will be set back from both the East 4th Street and Cooper Square façades. The design includes double-hung windows in punched openings that are reminiscent of adjacent historic properties. Expressed columns and larger window openings at the corners of the building help to modulate the scale of the ‘street wall.’Mmm, modulating street wall. Also note the prominent presence of the historic Samuel Tredwell Skidmore House at 37 East 4th Street, to be restored as part of the deal. The 2 Cooper Square apartments will be rentals.
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2 Cooper Square

2 Cooper Square, New York, NY 10003 Visit Website