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Revealed #2: Hot Karl Has Plans for 13th Street

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Krazy Karl Fischer, Montreal-based defiler of Brooklyn, is not shy about occasionally lending his architectural talents to the isle of Manhattan. His latest is this hotel design, planned for 52-54 West 13th Street, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues in the Village. Located across the street from a New School building on a site currently occupied by the shuttered Taste of Tokyo and La Dolce Vita, the hotel is a project of the Keystone Group, and the expected completion is 2009. Reports a tipster:

it seems they want to buy this plot to build a 18 story hotel and neighbors on W12th who will suffer a viewloss are upset. they quietly filed for approval i was told last summer but still have not closed on the property. it seems before they hand over the check, they hope to get approval before residents in the area find out and rally to spoil their plan to upset the neighborhood with a hotel. that film guy that paid 4 million to buy his neighbor's one bedroom apartment to combine with his penthouse would be SO pissed to learn his view will be gone. Indeed, film guy probably would.

At least the 13th Street Rep might see an uptick in tourism business.

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