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Revealed #1: LIC May Go Back to School

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Folks, today there will be not one, not two, but three (3) new building reveals on this here corner of the Interweb. GET PUMPED. The first comes courtesy of The Real Deal, which reports that developer Edward Minskoff?who announced some bold plans for Cooper Square last week?is finally ready to develop the Long Island City plot of land at 30-30 Northern Boulevard he bought a few years back. Formerly home to the Runway 69 strip club, which was chased to LIC from Forest Hills because its surplus of strippery goodness was just too awesome, the cleared tract of land near Queens Plaza but far from anything good will become a Perkins Eastman-designed office building! Or a Perkins Eastman-designed college dorm! Madman Minskoff has yet to make up his mind! He's in talks with both corporate tenants and local universities (including Queens College, Baruch College and NYU) and will decide what usage to pursue once he can figure out which will make him richer. Construction to commence in 2009.
· Plans ready for big LIC property [TRD]