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Southern Brooklyn Trash Plan Could Be the Bomb

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There have been many objections to the city's plans to build or reopen a number of "marine transfer stations" to move trash by barge, but the most explosive are coming from Gravesend, the Southern Brooklyn enclave to the west of Coney Island. (The Manhattan station would be on the Gansevoort Peninsula, and there would be another in Brooklyn near the Gowanus Canal.) Opponents are afraid the dredging will stir up a "black mayonnaise" of toxins on the bottom of the bay, where there are many interesting things. Back in the 1950s, a barge with 219 tons of anti-aircraft shells capsized there. Most were recovered, but some have been sleeping with the fishes and opponents are citing the threat of what today's Post calls "explosive repercussions" to dredging. Even if things don't go boom, however, there's also plenty of lead, PCBs, mercury, toxic ash and other stuff down there. People are afraid that stirring up the muck will mess with fishing and possibly even pollute the water at Coney Island.
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[Photo courtesy of gkjarvis/flickr]