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Calatrava's WTC Hub Clipped Again?

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Architect Santiago Calatrava's World Trade Center transit hub, which went from soaring bird to grounded stegosaurus (right) and survived many controversies in between, is still twisting in the wind like its ever-changing completion date. Last week, the Real Estate Weekly wrote that the Port Authority was considering shrinking the station's glass pavilion and eliminating a mechanism that would allow the roof to retract?changes that would further dilute Calatrava's inspired and slightly insane vision. But today, the Post's Steve Cuozzo reports that another PA official says the first PA official "misspoke," and acknowledged that there might be cosmetic changes, but the footprint and "signature elements" are the same. It all sounds suspicious in that very Port Authority way, but after 80 South Street and the gondola thing, we just want the 'Trav to get something built already.
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