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Work Halted at Trump Soho in Wake of Tragedy

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It's the day after the fatal accident on the 42nd Floor of the Trump Soho hotel-condo, and while construction firm Bovis Lend Lease conducts an investigation into what exactly happened, the details seem pretty clear. The wooden scaffolding some workers were standing on to set wet concrete collapsed, sending one injured worker into the safety netting, and another 42 stories to his death. The concrete workers were employees of Brooklyn-based DiFama Concrete, a subcontractor hired by Bovis. Bovis will take a lot of heat for this, because the company's records have already been subpoenaed as a result of the Deutsche Bank demolition tragedy that killed two firefighters, and the Trump Soho had already racked up many building violations. Not surprisingly, the Trump Soho has been slapped with a stop work order. Curbed's coverage of yesterday's accident can be found here, and our photo collection of the day's events is here.
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Trump Soho

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