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15 Union Square West Revealed

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Earlier, we expressed our chagrin at 15 Union Square West's password-protected website. Well, it didn't take long for some Curbed commenters to crack open the safe of Brack Capital's luxury condo conversion of the 1870 home of Tiffany & Co. Behold! Initial thoughts: Is that some original arched detail near the bottom? Hard to tell. As for the top? We'll go ahead and call it "modern." The building's interior design is being handled by Vicente Wolf Associates. The swimming pool may blow your mind. Today, some of the sweet, sweet renderings we dug up. Tomorrow we'll look at some floorplans.

First, some history. Here's the original 15 Union Square West. Looks a little different, no?

Yellow is a dangerous color to prominently feature around a swimming pool. Just saying.

Fairly standard luxury condo kitchen.

Frosted glass so that going potty seems sexy.

This may be the lobby. Classic!
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Union Square

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