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Ask Curbed: Am I Really a Flood Hazard?

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Have a real estate or homeownership question that you'd like the Curbed readership to tackle? Send it in to and it may just get the "Ask Curbed" treatment.

The gradual melting of the polar ice caps is doing a lot more harm than just killing off a few thousand species. It's also totally messing with people's insurance! Here, an Upper East Sider speaks out:

I'm currently being hassled by my mortgage company regarding my building's designation of being in the "Special Flood Hazard Area" by FEMA, requiring me to obtain flood insurance (or else they will buy for me and charge me ~$500 per year!). The building is Mill Rock Plaza, at 345 E 93rd St, and at this time I cannot get the FEMA flood zone identification form to work. Considering that I live on the 19th floor of the building, a flood that would damage my property seems somewhat apocalyptic. I understand the need for this in traditional neighborhoods, but is there something I can do to avoid this requirement in a high-rise?

Clearly this person did not see The Day After Tomorrow, or he'd be happy to cut the check. Aside from praying for the delay of the Apocalypse, what advice can you give this Mill Rocker? Have a say in the comments.
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