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Destructoporn: N. 9 Street Burg Panorama Edition

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[Photo courtesy of Will Femia; click to expand]

Here's a panorama of the huge demolition site on N. 9th and N. 10th Street in Williamsburg between Driggs and Roebling. Our photographer around town, Will Femia, has been shooting pics here because he's fascinated by that one holdout building amid the destruction, which is the Sugarland club (and former Capone's). The site will hold a seven-story building with 173 condos from the workshop of...huge drum roll...pretend to be stunned...Hot Karl Fischer. Seriously. The structure in the distance behind the plywood fence is another Fischer. Somebody please wake us up when it's over and a different architect designs a big new building in this corner of Williamsburg Fischerburg.
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