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Going Naval: Checking Out a Brooklyn Navy Yard Ruin

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[Photo courtesy of Nathan Kensinger]

There are so many spectacularly abandoned old buildings at the Brooklyn Navy Yard that they could host tours of the place and fill them with people that like taking pictures of industrial relics. Photographer Nate Kensinger, who's made his way inside a whole bunch of closed building's from Brooklyn's past like the pre-demolition Red Hook Revere Dome, the Williamsburg Domino Plant and the Red Hook Grain Terminal, goes to "Building 128 ," a vast 1899 building that used to "assemble large boiler engines and fabricated sections of naval vessels." It's coming down for a food processing facility, and a mural from the building will be going into the Navy Yard Historical Center. In the meantime, check out the pics of its final days.
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