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Superior Ink Reaches Out to Urban Daddies

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The Superior Ink development in the Far West Village?with its Robert A.M. Stern pedigree, stately townhouses and celebrity endorsements?was supposed to be a blockbuster. And it most likely is. Still, we never thought that Related would need to embark on much of an advertising campaign to unload the 68 condos and seven townhouses, and we certainly never imagined that a sponsored item about the building would turn up in one of those dude-driven e-mail newsletters. But there it is in today's UrbanDaddy. So, what do the fellas have to say about the building?

Plus, whether you nab a studio loft or a spacious three-bedroom, your interior comes courtesy of the excellent/excellently named Yabu Pushelberg (W New York)—allowing you to casually mention to friends, "Oh, you like my bathroom? Yabu did that for me."Will the bankers bite on a multi-million-dollar home based on the compromised opinion of a group of cool hunters that usually keeps them in the know about new lounges and expensive watches? Only Yabu knows.
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