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2019 Will Be a Big Year for Coney Island

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The Coney Island rezoning process is starting in earnest with a "scoping" meeting coming up next month and the release of documents that only a planner or zoning lawyer could love. It's all a prelude to the environmental impact study that has to be done so that the rezoning that would convert the heart of the Coney amusement district to "parkland" and turn the parking lot next to KeySpan park into land that can be developed for some pretty tall residential buildings. There are some interesting nuggets in the documents, though, including a timeline that estimates the end of construction would be around 2019, assuming it starts in 2009. Also, the "reasonable worst case development scenario" if the zoning is maxed out has some interesting numbers: 1.4 million square feet of entertainment, retail and enclosed amusements (including the amusement district park), 4,800 apartments and between 6,300 and 8,300 parking spaces. The zoning maps, which were previously released as well as renderings, show 22 residential "towers" around the edges.
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