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East River Waterfalls in Glorious Two-Dimensional Detail!

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Artist Olafur Eliasson and Mayor Bloomberg held a press conference yesterday to unveil some pictures of Eliasson's summertime public art extravaganza?the East River waterfalls. For some reason, photos have been a little hard to come by, but Bloomberg (the news service, not the mayor) has a couple looks, including the above shot of the man-made wonder that will be near the Brooklyn Bridge. There will be four illuminated waterfalls in all, ranging from 90-120 feet in height, and one will be located off the coast of Governors Island. Yep, they somehow found a way to make Gov's Island even more creepy at night!

The photo on the left is also from Bloomberg. The one on the right comes from the city's photo gallery of the press conference. Dig the scarf, Olafur!
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