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Chelsea's Caledonia Now Accepting Poor, Huddled Masses

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The small blocks of affordable apartments that most developers include in new buildings in exchange for zoning and tax breaks remain one of New York's great housing mysteries. How does one actually nab one of these luxury homes at pauper prices? Timing and luck, pretty much, and in the case of The Caledonia?Related's sold-out new High Line building?the time for luck is now! Listed as "Chelsea" on the Dept. of Housing Preservation & Development's website and 451 West 16th Street/450 West 17th Street in the email we just received, the ultrafancy Caledonia is offering up 59 affordable rentals. Quit your job for one at McDonald's, fill out an application and keep your fingers crossed. If the stars align, you'll be looked down upon by your wealthy neighbors in no time!
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The Caledonia

450 W 17th St., New York, NY 10011