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Williamsburg Getting 'the Ugliest Scarano Building Ever'?

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We have to admit that we haven't focused much on the Robert Scarano building going up at Humboldt and Herbert in Williamsburg, just a block from the Karl & Bob Fingers. The renderings have been around for a while, but it's the email from a neighbor that caused us to pay attention. There is no reason to add anything to what our tipster writes:

I have the misfortune to live near what may be the lamest of all Scarano projects, "The Humboldt", going up at 508 Humboldt Street at the corner of Herbert. My husband and I had called it "The Malaria Farm" for several months as there was no construction going on all summer and the foundation pit filled with water and then millions of mosquitoes -- so many that my neighbor's grandson could not play outside without getting horribly bitten. This building is such a piece of shit. They had a stop work order because the digging was damaging the house directly adjacent and then they put up some really shoddy shoring to keep the adjacent house from collapsing into the pit. There are 2 bulldozers on our street and they've busted the sidewalk on Herbert street. All this sucks enough, but when I saw the [bullshit] "Artist's Rendition" of what is to be "The Humboldt" I seriously wanted to kill myself. Why does anyone think this is DESIGN? It's a fucking Lady Foot Locker. My only consolation is that since cars have a tendency to careen off the McGuinness-Humboldt exit ramp and combust on the street (has happened 2x in the last 3 years) that "The Humboldt" will act as a buffer.

Hot Karl, eat your heart out.
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