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Apollo Wants $47M to Keep Booing of Amateurs Alive

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[Photo via bilfazjr/Flickr]

The Apollo Theater, the little-known performance space next to the famed 125th Street Eyebrows Spa, has embarked on a $47 million fundraising drive for the "final phase" of the venue's expansion and restoration. The money would be used to double the size of the theater lobby, build a "grand staircase" at its center, repaint the intricate wall patterns and other general maintenance. There would also be a "walk of fame" in front of the theater, and a revamped third-floor performance space just inside the building's windows. The work would close the Apollo for nine months in 2010, according to the Apollo Theater Foundation, which has already pumped $37 million into replacing the theater' seats and stage and restoring its marquee. When reached for comment, the ghost of James Brown said the Apollo must now "shake [its] money maker" to "stay on the scene" like a "sex machine." Wise words.
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