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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Please Kill Us (81 Comments)
"Yep -- market is scarey. You all need to go home and take a nice hot bath filled with Mr. Housing Bubble."
2) Arris Lofts = Peace on Earth (76 Comments)
"I too am a resident at Arris, and yes at first i was thrown by the Orange walls, but it doesnt really bother me, the people here are great. I wake up everymorning and it feels like im on vacation."
3) BREAKING CurbedWire: Accident at Trump Soho (67 Comments)
"Two days ago, my wife said, 'this building has been going up awfully fast.' (We live two blocks away.) It should not be completed, though of course it will be. The building is hated by the neighborhood because it is so outsized in respect to everything else that is here -- and, if Trump's other buildings are any indication, so ugly."
4) Williamsburg Getting 'the Ugliest Scarano Building Ever'? (54 Comments)
"I don't know. Williamsburg has a lot of really ugly buildings. It would tough to say that this is the ugliest. Just throw a rock and it will probably hit something much uglier."