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Move to Williamsburg and Never, Ever Go Out Again

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We're used to Williamsburg developments mindlessly pitching spots in the nabe in whose glow buyers will be able to bask, but a different kind of email went out from 80 Metropolitan this afternoon and was redirected to our inbox by several readers. Let's call it the stay home and have a wet dream pitch:

So it's a Sunday afternoon and you're wondering what to do. You can spend a lot of money shopping in Manhattan with your significant other, while you wait outside the dressing room. Perhaps you can go to a museum seeking to find good looking art and people, but the crowded exhibit filled with tourist might not be what you were hoping to see...Or would you rather spend the day at home starting in the Yoga Room and Gym; followed by a refreshing swim in the Pool and a relaxing afternoon in the Zen Garden; and completing your day with a few close friends viewing a sports spectacular in the Media Lounge? So you see, a day at home can be your best choice?if you choose 80 Metropolitan!

Are we allowed to go to the Bedford Cheese Shop or will the door guy keep us from our Drunken Goat us and send us back to the Zen Garden?
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