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On the Market: Going Up at the Time Warner Center

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Has the proximity to 15 Central Park West caused Time Warner Center owners to go a little ga-ga? This two-bedroom apartment?with 1,830 square feet and plenty of room for your Steinway Model D?hit the market this week at a staggering $11.5 million. While we're sure it's a very lovely place, is it approximately $6,300/sf lovely? Three larger apartments in the Columbus Circle building are currently on the market for $5-$7.5 million, per StreetEasy. True, we don't know what floor the apartment is on or what illicit treasure the seller is hiding in it, but there ain't enough altitude or stolen Nazi art in this world to get us to bite, even if it is?as the listing notes?home to "the new centurys leading media conglomerate, AOL Time Warner."
· Listing: 25 Columbus Circle [Corcoran]